June 10, 2009

Home Schooling Within the Church

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Crosstalk had a program on Tuesday talking about the importance of raising our children with a Christian education. And I don't mean having Christians in public schools, because a few small voices there- heck, even a couple hundred loud voices- won't change the pc-driven, secular humanist state of the government school system.

The guest stressed that starting a church-school is not difficult, does not require much funding, or even accredited teachers. There is a plethora of solid Christian curriculum available for low cost; one of those mentioned by the guest was found at Alpha and Omega Ministries, the online theological ministry of Dr. James White. I didn't even know he had elementary-level education sources, but I'm sure it is solid doctrinally. (Visit here for more information on Dr. White and his ministry.)

I can't stress enough the importance of raising up children within a Christian framework. And not just as an alternative to the "rational, scientific" secular worldview; we all know that view is BLATANTLY BIASED. The myth of neutrality is just that, a myth, and the secular humanist side is so rampant that children need to learn their presuppositions- such as their toting rationality and empiricism as if those were ONLY available within a secular view when, in fact, they ONLY make sense in light of God's truth!

Please, listen to this program. I hope you will also pass it along to any parents you know, or church members, or both, who have almost school-age children and are unsure what to do with them. I think a small group of parents who rotated responsibility of hosting school at their homes could accomplish this, too! Hopefully this program will give you some good ideas.

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