June 3, 2009

SBA List Pro-Life Video Contest for kids!

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The Susan B. Anthony List is hosting a contest for all young pro-lifers, with the winning videos receiving $1000 scholarships!

SBA List is a leading pro-life organization, helping spread the word early about Kathleen Sebelius and frequently updating us on abortion legislation being proposed, even in its infant stages. (Sorry for the unintentional pun.)

If you have a 12-18 year-old pro-life kid in your house, this is his/her chance to support the unborn in a unique way! SBA List will feature the winning videos in an upcoming online campaign for life.


Glenda, saved by grace said...

Hello! I'm your new follower Glenda!
This link: Van’s Blog
Calvin on John 3:16
Doesn't work.

Victoria said...

Argh! Yes, I know it doesn't and am kicking myself for not having updated it. Thanks for the reminder; I have the new link and will do it tomorrow. That's my old pastor's blog- he posts a lot of good articles- some old, some new- about the church.

Thanks for reading, and welcome!


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