June 10, 2009

Promises, Promises

Is it lame of me to let videos- made by other people, no less- do the talking this week? Well, so be it. When you don't know what to say, bring out the visual aids!

This one comes from politicalmath.wordpress.com, by way of Hot Air (I really should start finding my own links and stop incessantly biting from them!). It demonstrates the promises made by Obama regarding how many jobs would be saved or created- promises made prior to the "stimulus" bill being hastily signed into law- in order to articulate the necessity of signing said bill.

You might say this disparity between Obama's promises and the reality of his policies has stimulated me. But, unfortunately, his plan has not stimulated the economy to the tune he hoped it would. There's that blasted mantra of his again- "hope"- so maddeningly overused and underappreciated by The One. You might say he is singlehandedly stripping the word of all its power. How can someone use a word so much without knowing its meaning? (Ah, but that's the same question I ask myself when I hear the phrase "that begs the question" being employed when someone clearly means "that prompts me to ask.")

He cannot possibly believe his:

1) expansion of government control over money, transportation and, soon, food;

2) his gay- and so-called human-rights agendas being promoted in public schools;

3) systematic closing down of the entepreneurial spirit of our small business owners;

4) upheaval of the Constitution to suit his own and his appointees' ideals

are making people more hopeful for the future of this country?

Europe is now finally seeing the error of its politically-correct, liberal ways and has just elected several conservative party members. And while they are moving in the direction we should be, we're trying out- as many other countries have tried and failed their citizens with- socialism. Long bread lines, ration cards, subsidized industry, government control of the media... this isn't 1984... it's 1917!

Enjoy the video... while you still can!!

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