June 27, 2009

Work and Play

What is work, and what is play? Some say that when you enjoy your work, it isn't work at all. I would contend that these people have perhaps settled on an endeavor that doesn't require them to work very hard. Though Nic loves the endeavor he's chosen, it has worked him to the bone trying to learn about it.

There hasn't been much play in Nic's life over the past five years. I mean that in the best way, because it reflects on the mountainous amount of work he has been doing in that time.

Did you know that he went directly from a bachelor's degree to his master's program, pausing only long enough to bid his well-loved Chicago apartment adieu before trekking to the unknown territory of Kalamazoo, Michigan?

Did you know that, despite all apprehensions about the outcome of the program, and after unknown hundreds of hours of reading complicated and often confusingly technical analytic philosophical texts, he today completed his master's degree in philosophy?

Did you know that while he was earning that degree in his own classes and coursework, he also taught at least one section (sometimes more) of undergrad-level courses, earning him the distinction of being chosen as the outstanding excellence in teaching award winner for both his department and for the university-wide selection?

Did you know that this degree and awards comprise hundreds of hours of time spent reading, thinking, writing, reading, preparing, teaching, reading, questioning, lecturing and, yes, more reading? There is never a break, never time to read for fun, rarely even time to sleep enough.

Nic also managed to apply to PhD programs during the winter, while he was taking two classes and teaching two. And would you believe he was accepted to the first program he wanted, and several more?

Nic would probably say he doesn't deserve all this praise. That might be because he is too modest, so I will say for him that I've seen the time, energy, emotional and mental effort that he has put into earning his credentials, and he has more than earned the accolades I'm giving him.

So, my hat is off to Nic in celebration of his earning this degree and I can't wait to congratulate his next academic achievement!

And, just because it's nice to see him happy, here are some recent photos of Nic at play.

Philosophy friends.

Happy Birthday, Nic!


Farmgirl Cyn said...

Congratulations,Nic! Who knew a few years back, when talking about the things of God(at Ang and Joel's Christmas party) that Nic would be where he is today. Inquiring minds want to know...and he wanted to know.

And, YOU know, Victoria, behind every good man, there is a good woman! You are good for Nic.

Burkulater said...

Good job, Nic!

Glenda, saved by grace said...

congratulations Nic. That is some accomplishment!

Bonjour Madame said...

Congratulations to your very smart and driven husband!

Victoria said...

Thanks everybody! He deserves the praise! :)

cityfarmer said...

okay, I'm BAD ...
It's Sunday, a week later and there is time to look at blogs.

This is the sweetest tribute to a son that anyone could write, but then, your love for him is as big as mine so it only makes sense that you would write such a birthday message to this man.

I only wish that I had seen this last Saturday.
However, it is the icing on the cake for THIS Sunday ... speaking of cake, did you make one?

Thank you V. for your love for Nic. I am a blessed woman to have you in my (his) life.


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