June 20, 2009

Two Scoops

*If you want to see updated video and text from Iranians, please visit Hot Air. com. They have the best, most recent coverage.

In the tumultuous political haze in Iran, protesters of the rigged vote run from the Basij (government police) and, when in large enough groups, steal their night sticks or pelt them with rocks. Occasionally they chant for the end of the dictatorship, or the death of the dictator, it's hard to make out which it is because of the general din being overheard, some of which is gunfire, some of which is hitting and killing those protesters. The Iranian people stand in fear of the outcome of the events, wondering whether the world, any nation, will come to their aid, even if simply in word and not deed. They fearfully, prayerfully await that answer.

But in another corner of the world, a man stands in front of many faces awaiting his most important answer, an answer that might just decide the rest of the night and, possibly, even the lives of those around him: Will it be one scoop or two, President Obama?

Yes, because while Iran quite literally burns, our current coward-in-chief decided that he'd rather go out for dessert with his two girls than think about that icky Iran situation. Ugh, foreign affairs are so... foreign. They are so far removed from the United States, a delightful land of plenty both materially (thanks to capitalism, which he'd like to forget) and politically (thanks to his own hubris, which he is quick to remind us).

I know what you gentle readers might say, "It's father's day weekend! Isn't even the President allowed a little r&r with his kids for that?"

Well, yes, of course he is. But perhaps it is not unfair either to request he take care of work matters before going out for two scoops with sprinkles?! I certainly think a coup in the making deserves more thought than his "I urge the Iranian government to stop the violence" rhetoric.

When I said a while ago that I didn't think Obama would institute any "real change" because he doesn't have any real opinions, I was wrong. He has opinions, but they are limited to domestic issues. Iran's controversy, of course, falls out of that sphere- unless you believe what's going on there is a matter of somewhat democratic issue, which Obama himself first stated, then sort of retracted in favor of the "why don't you guys just dialogue it out" shtick.

Obama's a man- Nic calls him the "un-man," which is so trenchant- who relies on ideology alone, so when a real, bloody battle is being fought out because of a difference in opinion over a piece of that ideology (in this case, the opinion of who gets to decide the leader of a nation, the people or the government in office), he has nothing real, nothing comforting or helpful to say.

So instead, he goes out for ice cream.

What flavor, you ask? The best and only choice for an un-man, the most un-flavor there is: vanilla.

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