June 2, 2009

May 22-June 2 Wrap-Up, now with PC disclaimers!

I'm skipping the obligatory "I haven't written for two weeks and I'm sorry" bit of this post. I imagine you are, as I am, still reeling from the several big news stories from this past week. In case you missed them, here's a brief summary and some related pondering:

1. President Obama (whom I still have a hard time believing is President) has elected Sonya Sotomayor, a "wise latina woman" and potential Roe v. Wade over turner, to fill the position that David Souter will soon vacate on the Supreme Court.

This could have a lot of consequences, but as usual it's too early to tell what they'll be. Is she truly "centrist" as she and others claim? Does that self-labeling matter when we live in a political environment in which McCain can be referred to as a Republican, though he supports amnesty for illegal aliens (threat to national sovereignty) and pro-choice legislation? Does she have the cajones (Is it cajonas since she is a woman?) to initiate an overturning of the worst abortion-supporting legislation we have on the books?

And, in a related story...

2. George Tiller, late-term abortion doctor, was murdered in his church foyer on Sunday morning. The suspect in custody, presumed the perpetrator of this horrendous crime, is a pro-life extremist (categorized by me as one who believes the way to institute political/social change on a certain issue is to actually murder his opponents to it) with a history of making ominous suggestions as to how the pro-life movement can more effectively defeat its opposition.

'How will this crime effect the view of the pro-life movement negatively?' is a question being asked. But beyond that superficial query, which is important but too narrow, lies the question of how this crime may effect the Roe v. Wade case. Will we hear over and over again now that the issue of abortion legality is so fiercely debated that public figures are now being made targets for violence because of the strain and, for that reason, would it be in the public interest to revisit Roe v. Wade to relieve some of the pressure? Do you see, this could potentially spark a renewed interest in keeping the peace between the two sides (pro-choice and -life) by reexamining just what a "viable fetus" means. There is a fairly new member of Congress, a doctor, who is working hard to prove that unique DNA structure is formed as early as ten weeks in an unborn baby; unique life could trump 'viable fetus' in the debate, and could lead to reversed law.

*Note: My exploratory statements about the potential outcomes from Tiller's murder in no way seek to rationalize or justify this brutal, heinous crime. No doubt should be cast that I, along with all true pro-lifers, would never endorse the physical elimination of a political opponent! It is absurdly broad-brushing the pro-life movement to imply that, because the suspect in Tiller's murder identified himself as "pro-life," pro-lifers share his sense of fatalistic urgency.

3. GM has officially filed for bankruptcy, Obama is taking it over and, thus, we are steadily approaching a Soviet-like state of the U.S.

Is there more to say than that line packs in? Perhaps. On
CrossTalk today, Tom DeWeese ("one of the nation’s leading advocates of individual liberty, free enterprise, property rights and back-to-basics education") commented candidly on the state of our union. The president and founder of the American Policy Center, and Editor-in-Chief of The DeWeese Report, delivered a stern warning that socialism IS afoot. It's not coming, it's here. And the best way to stem the tide is to keep fighting it with every capitalist bone in your body.

DeWeese ended the second portion of the program by going into detail about what might be next on Obama's Socialist Neo-Anarchist Protocol (O-SNAP! I just made that up.) : natural supplements and organic food. When Pelosi said that "green" cars are what people should want to buy, you can bet she and her deceptive cohorts have it in mind to limit products to only what you should want. What did I say last month- we're headed toward Sovietism.
Click this link to go to CrossTalk for Tuesday with Tom DeWeese.

In the media...

1. Playboy magazine's blog published a top ten list of conservative women they "love to hate." This wording is censored, as the actual title of their "article" is far too offensive to publish here. The content basically named ten "outspoken" (the term used for conservative women who are simply "spoken") women that the editors of this trash magazine would be happy to violate sexually. And sadly, no, I'm not exaggerating the story.

Playboy is no way considered a beacon of sophisticated literature. In fact, just typing that phrase almost made me snicker. But they are a presence in the media world, a legacy supported by a lecherous man that - despite some people's hope - seems to keep limping along into an overripe old age.

The outrageous fact is that Playboy, and Hefner himself, have always touted the magazine as a supporter of "women's rights" and a forum where women are "empowered." As the rag ages like its founder, the content becomes more exemplary of his own twisted version of "women's rights," also known as the right to be naked. This, of course, isn't a right extended to women only, nor is it comprehensive of what a woman might desire to find herself entitled to. Finally, it is contrary to the founding principle of the women's rights movement in America, that women have a right to be judged by qualities ancillary to their physical appearance and/or sexual appeal.

If you care to write a letter to Playboy's publisher, Lou Mohn, here's his address: lmohn@playboy.com . Then again, you could just wait for Hef to finally kick it, and hope the magazine gets buried with him.

*Again, I'm not compelling anyone to encourage Hefner's death in any way. Let nature take its course, folks...

2. Eminem is terribly embarrassed by Sascha Baron Cohen (aka Ali G, Borat) at the Mtv movie awards.

"Embarrass" is the most acute term for the incident, particularly because of the latter portion of the word. But this is a story about more than just a latter portion. Eminem, so fond of mocking others- including Sarah Palin in his most recent "song"- showed his true colors in his response; but you'll just have to read Platonic's color commentary to get the full story, to be continued...

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